Lifted Booties Are the Trend These Days. What Are You Doing to Build Yours?

Having a lifted booty is the trend now and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Women all over the world are going for the bigger butt, wider hips, and curves – rather than the skinny flat look of years past.

Some women opt for surgery to get a big booty fast, but those are expensive, unnatural, and can have detrimental side effects, so they are not something we recommend. There are also temporary measures that can be taken such as booty lifting jeans and shaping underwear that can make your butt look better for a night out, but they are really nothing more than cheap gimmicks. If you truly want a full lifted booty that looks great in a bikini, lingerie, shorts, dresses, jeans, and even nude; you must do it the natural way!

So, here’s a guide on how to build a lifted booty without any tricks or surgeries…

Do it at Home:


Squats directly affect the quadriceps, lower back and hamstrings of your body. As a beginner you can always start with body weight squats. There are various other squatting exercises such as chair squat, squat with a leg only, squatting sidewise, jump squat, karate squat and many more. You can go about all the squats if you wish to stick to squatting regime. If not then you can stick to only barbell squat and chair squat.

At the Gym:


You are not supposed to be lifting weights like weightlifters. Two dumbbells are enough for you exercise. You just need to hold two dumbbells with your hands and stand so that the dumbbells positioned at the thighs. Then you need to bend your torso forward till the dumbbells positioned at the knees. You can continue with this exercise for around 10 times a day.

Stepping up with one leg

For doing this exercise, you need to have two dumbbells and a bench. You simply need to hold the dumbbells with your hands and need to put one leg on the bench. Then you need to gradually lift yourself up until your other leg gets lifted up to the bench to level. You can continue the steps at least 10 times a day for both legs.

Hip thrust

This exercise helps you improve your booty position. You require a barbell and a bench for this exercise. You need to keep the upper part of your body on the bench with maximum part of the body handing out. Then you need to put the barbell on your thigh. Now it is time to lower your body till your body touches the ground. You need to continue the same for several times on a daily basis.

Spin the wheels of a stationary

You can either purchase or ask your gym to provide you a stationary bike. Yu need to spin the wheels of the bike for several minutes in day to lift your buttock.

Lift Your Booty Outdoors:

Make running a habit. Running has a great bearing on the glutes. As you continue running, you need to increase the intensity gradually.

You can try as much exercises as you want provided you have time and strength to try those out. It is always better to pick one of these ways and continue that for long.

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