Five Killer Butt Workouts That Work Wonders

When it comes to women toning their body parts, the lower body has always been a very hard nut to crack. The lower body here refers to the thighs, the legs and the butt. Out of the three parts, the butt is the hardest part that has defeated many women in terms of making it look tight, firm and high. Every woman wants to have a cute, sexy, attractive, well shaped round butt that can act as a secret weapon for her. Unfortunately, majority of them do not know the types of lower body workouts for women that are needed to achieve the butt of their dreams.

The following is a detailed description of the types of exercises that every woman needs in order to achieve that cute, round shaped and high butt possessed only by models. It’s time you became a model on your own. However, that is only possible if exercises below are put in to practice.

1. Hip-Lift Progression

This exercise is done in order to relieve tension at the lower back and works out the butt at the same time.

Instructions on How to Do It:

· You have to lie on her back with arms at her side while bending the knees and feet on the floor

· Try lifting the hips to the ceiling as you count 1-10 several times. If you feel you can’t do it anymore, then lower the back to the floor

· Repeat the above but this time round squeeze your flutes and hamstrings at the top of the motion range

· Try to keep the hips up and then place the foot back to the floor as you lower the hips.

· Switch to the other leg and then repeat the exercise from the top.

2. Single Leg Front Raises

This is a multi-reward exercise that aims at strengthening the glute while stretching the thighs as well as tightening the butt.


· Hold a pound dumbbell on each hand while standing on your feet separated by the feet hip-width

· Bend the right leg and raise to 4 inches above the floor

· With your palms facing down , stretch your hands at the height of your chest while holding he dumbbell

· While keeping the arms straight, raise the left arm above the head and keep it here for three counts and then return it to the chest height

· Alternate the arm raises till each arm makes 4 reps

· Switch the legs and repeat the procedure in order to tighten the butt.

3. Squat With Kick-back

This is meant to tighten the butt by doing the following:

· Stand with your legs separated by a shoulder-width apart

· With a squat by your back, sit back and bring the fists close to the chin

· While extending your arms forward, bring back the left leg behind you and ensure that it is very straight.

· Go back to the squat position and repeat the above on a different side and continue alternating the sides for a minute or so

While doing the above exercise, ensure that the leg behind you is very straight and don’t twist your hips.

4.Dumbbell Squats

This is a quick work out that is very effective in shaping the butt to be very cute, tight and high as a model.


· Begin with the feet-shoulder width apart with 10 pound dumbbells by the thighs

· Squat to the floor as if you are sitting on a chair while keeping your weight over your heels repetitively

· As you return to the starting position, ensure that your glutes are squeezed

· Do this 15-20 times daily for efficient results.

5.Explosive Lounges

This gives a very overwhelming stretch through the glutes while tightening the butt.


· Stand with your legs together and place your hands on the hips

· Lunge forward with the right leg

· Jump up and exchange legs such that when you land, the left leg should be lounged forward

· Continue alternating the legs for like ten minutes without a rest

· Keep the fists up in front of your chin and push off the floor with both legs. While doing this, keep in mind that the front knee must bend 90 degrees and get aligned with the ankles.

The above five exercises are excellent lower body workouts for women who want to have that sexy, round, tight and very firm. A well shaped butt can make you stand out and be the source of attention in a crowd where no one would recognize you. If you want a good butt, then the above exercises are meant for you, go for them.

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