Butt Building Programs – For a Firmer, Fuller and Sexier Booty

Almost every woman dreams of having a toned body, good shape, and firm butt. Most also want to know how to get a bigger butt for many reasons. One of them being that a full and shapely butt perfectly fills out a great pair of jeans or shorts, which makes it a lot more fun to shop for clothes, and feels good to turn heads as you walk by. A nice booty also looks great in a bikini or lingerie! With all the celebrities, supermodels, and that one flawless friend we all have flaunting their perfectly shaped booties around and always looking great, it’s hard not to desire a voluptuous, full, lifted, and perfect butt too. So, I want to teach you how to get a booty just like them!

get a bigger lifted booty

How to Get a Better Butt

In order to achieve that toned, firm and sexy butt one has to start with in proper eating habits then it comes down to cardio, squatting, and weight training exercises. Yes, for those intending to get a nice perfectly toned booty it is important to follow a strict exercise regime coupled with a healthy diet plan. If you desire an exquisitely shaped body with a tight lifted butt then you definitely have to do a butt lift workout with exercises that work hard on the gluteus maximus to attain that killer figure.

The following is a list of bum friendly exercises that you should incorporate in your daily workout routine to build a perfect booty:

1. Squats: This is indeed touted as the queen exercise for excellent butt building. They are incredibly effective in training your gluteus maximus. Squats have the ability to naturally release more growth hormone and testosterone. This means a potential for more muscle growth, more muscles in the glutes and ultimately a better butt.

2. Butt lift: Incorporating butt lifting workout routine to your regular exercise program lets you flaunt your rear with a fitting swim suit with confidence. Dumbbell leg raises aim at strengthening your glutes and shaping your butts. The forward lunges also helps to firm your butt muscles and wear a body hugging skinny jeans or a naughty swim wear.

build a bikini butt 3. Ballet kicks: This is a proven form of exercise to get a bootylicious butt in a month. Stand one leg in front of the other and by keeping your front leg slightly bent lift your back leg as high as you can. Now lower your leg slowly to the ground taking care not to touch the ground and repeat.

4. Flutter kicks: These exercises are touted as one of the most beneficial exercises for tightening the butt. They sculpt your butt while adding muscle for toning and shaping. They are also effective in shaping up your lower back. A well developed lower back can showcase you buttocks in an impressive manner.

5. The Romanian deadlift: This exercise focuses on the extensors of the hips and in strengthening your lower back. The entire exercise revolves around one movement which is bending of the hip. This helps in strengthening, shaping and building of an attractive butt.

6. Step ups: Step ups are an effective butt tightening and toning exercise. All you have to do is put one foot on a raised platform or bench and push through the heel onto the platform or bench. As you do this you can hold dumbbells in your hands or put a barbell across your shoulders to add intensity to the exercise. This is a great exercise to attain a perkier butt.

7. Lunges: Lunges are one of the best forms of exercises for hitting the butt without the need for using too much weight. The basic form of lunge is the drop-knee version. However this is also the most difficult one. To add intensity to the exercise you can also hold hand weights.

8. Multi-hip extension: This also targets the gluteus maximus and guarantees you a tightly toned back side. However it is advisable to get professional help in this regard.

9. One legged squats: These exercises help to activate the glutes and build beautiful butts for those striving for a perfect butt. Putting all the weight on one leg will not only challenge your balance and stability but also help to add intensity to the exercise.

10. Quadrupled hip extensions: These exercises aim at working the gluteus muscles and in building stronger butts. They are also touted to stimulate more muscle activation than the squats.

11. Leg press: Leg presses can strengthen your glutes and contribute to a bigger butt. This is because it is a compound strength training exercise that involves the major muscles in the lower body.

The secret to a great looking butt is to perform exercises that involve the gluteal muscles. For an ultimate transformation from a skinny and unattractive butt to a voluptuously beautiful and tantalizing butt, gluteus maximus exercises are a great way to go. By incorporating the above discussed exercises in your daily workout regime you can sculpt your butt and flaunt your booty.

Now you know how to get a better butt. And for getting the absolute best booty imaginable, we highly recommend checking out the Brazil Butt Lift Workout Program!

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