Booty Blasting Exercises for a Perfect Bubble Butt

If you have a flat, saggy or floppy butt, don’t worry… there’s something you can do about it. The butt of a woman is made up of 3 gluteus muscles. Because of this, butt workouts have a direct impact on the shape, size, and the position of your butt. When the butt muscles are toned, your booty will be rounder, fuller, firmer, and you will notice a major decrease in sagging thus giving you that nice lift you’ve always wanted for a perfect bubble butt!

The bubble butt workout

perfect butt exercises

Aerobically, climbing stairs, walking hills are great butt exercises. After sweating aerobically, try these 6 butt busting strength exercises as you aim for 3 sets of ten to fifteen repetitions of each. Here are some of the butt lifting exercises. Here are some of the butt lifting exercises.

* Skater plyos – Standing with your feet under hips, take a sideways (lateral) hop to the right on your right foot while coming-down to touch your left hand to the floor surface. Try to complete 3 sets of twenty while alternating the sides. This is great for power, agility, strength and toning up.

* Squats – Squat is one of the best workouts you can do for your hips, thighs, and butt. Start by Standing with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. Gently lower your hips (make sure you do not let your knees go beyond your toes).

* Hip raise – In this work out, start by lying on your back as you extend your left knee with your right-knee bent. Place your arms on the floor surface with palms facing the rooftop. Your palms must be at the shoulder level, along with your hips (about two to three inches off the floor surface). Lift your hips and hold for a few seconds. Return to your initial position. Depending on your strength, do ten to fifteen reps.

* Lunges – Starting with your feet parallel and hip distance apart, take a big step backward or forward. Gradually lower your body as you bend your both knees. Bending your knees should not farther ninety degrees, keeping your front-knee aligned over your front-ankle. Step together and repeat.

* Bridges – Start by Lying your back with feet and knees bent on the floor, hip width apart. Gradually peel your back off the floor surface from the foot, one vertebra at a go, tightening the backs of the thighs (hamstrings) and glutes until you have made a diagonal line from your shoulders towards your knees. Slowly return to the floor, one vertebra at a go.

* Step-ups – Using a weights bench, step one foot on top as you push through the glute. Lower your leg and keep on repeating the same procedure. Add a knee lift or hand weights with the tapping foot for a bigger challenge.

The Butt exercise: Getting Results

Whatever butt exercise you choose, the experts recommend following a few rules for you to get best results:

* Set goals – Having a goal will be of great assistance when it comes to matters commitment to your exercise schedule or program.

* Surround yourself with the right and positive people – Read motivating books, get a trainer, get a coach, get an accountability partner attend a class, or get a trainer. This will help you achieve you fitness goal.

* Stay consistent – Experts say that if you happen to work the glutes 3 days a week, you can see a few changes in three weeks. You should be able to tell that your butt are lifted up or a little tighter.

* Use good form – Exercise slowly to finish each move correctly. This way, you avoid injuring yourself and you end up getting the most out of every exercise set.

* Stretch the opposing muscles – The hip-flexors are at times overworked because of in flexion as a result of spending so much of your time sitting. It is an excellent idea to stretch the hip-flexors so you can easily activate your glutes.

* Fit movement into your daily life – It involves draping your legs together in a turned out position, and pushing through all the heels and arches of the feet while slightly bending the knees.

Last but not least you should keep in mind that successful butt exercises are only a tip of the iceberg. Eating well is important, after all, no one will realize those glute muscles if they are hidden underneath excess-poundage. It is going to take a balanced nutrition i.e. a diet consisting of less protein, less-processed, whole food, and complex carbohydrates, which is also low in saturated fat and sugar, Can help build lean muscle.

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