Lifted Booties Are the Trend These Days. What Are You Doing to Build Yours?

Having a lifted booty is the trend now and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Women all over the world are going for the bigger butt, wider hips, and curves – rather than the skinny flat look of years past.

Some women opt for surgery to get a big booty fast, but those are expensive, unnatural, and can have detrimental side effects, so they are not something we recommend. There are also temporary measures that can be taken such as booty lifting jeans and shaping underwear that can make your butt look better for a night out, but they are really nothing more than cheap gimmicks. If you truly want a full lifted booty that looks great in a bikini, lingerie, shorts, dresses, jeans, and even nude; you must do it the natural way!

So, here’s a guide on how to build a lifted booty without any tricks or surgeries…

Do it at Home:


Squats directly affect the quadriceps, lower back and hamstrings of your body. As a beginner you can always start with body weight squats. There are various other squatting exercises such as chair squat, squat with a leg only, squatting sidewise, jump squat, karate squat and many more. You can go about all the squats if you wish to stick to squatting regime. If not then you can stick to only barbell squat and chair squat.

At the Gym:


You are not supposed to be lifting weights like weightlifters. Two dumbbells are enough for you exercise. You just need to hold two dumbbells with your hands and stand so that the dumbbells positioned at the thighs. Then you need to bend your torso forward till the dumbbells positioned at the knees. You can continue with this exercise for around 10 times a day.

Stepping up with one leg

For doing this exercise, you need to have two dumbbells and a bench. You simply need to hold the dumbbells with your hands and need to put one leg on the bench. Then you need to gradually lift yourself up until your other leg gets lifted up to the bench to level. You can continue the steps at least 10 times a day for both legs.

Hip thrust

This exercise helps you improve your booty position. You require a barbell and a bench for this exercise. You need to keep the upper part of your body on the bench with maximum part of the body handing out. Then you need to put the barbell on your thigh. Now it is time to lower your body till your body touches the ground. You need to continue the same for several times on a daily basis.

Spin the wheels of a stationary

You can either purchase or ask your gym to provide you a stationary bike. Yu need to spin the wheels of the bike for several minutes in day to lift your buttock.

Lift Your Booty Outdoors:

Make running a habit. Running has a great bearing on the glutes. As you continue running, you need to increase the intensity gradually.

You can try as much exercises as you want provided you have time and strength to try those out. It is always better to pick one of these ways and continue that for long.

How to Get a Better Butt

The booty is one of the areas of our bodies that we tend to want to focus on improving the most. If you have the desire to improve the look and size of your butt then you will need to find out how to get a better butt? But for this you will need to concentrate on building the glute muscles as it is the best way of making the butt more desirable, firm, muscular and protruding.

Get a Nice Butt

There are a large number of men and women who wish to know how to get a better butt for having a bigger and better shaped backside. It is a popular desire for individuals who are not satisfied with the shape of their butt and wish to change it. Engaging in butt building exercises is considered as the key for getting a better butt as you can improve the shape of your booty and get a noticeable difference. It is very important to exercise your gluteus medius, glutens maximus, hamstrings and gluteus minimus for getting more shape to your butt. The gluteus muscles provides the shape of your butt and with the help of good hamstrings, you can lift up your butt and get a better shaped thighs that will make your butt look better.

A very effective everyday exercise is walking and while you are walking, you are workout your glutes. Hence you should walk down to stairs rather than taking the lift and you should also try walking to work as it can help you to get better butt. Workouts can also give you the desired shape of your butt in a short span of time and for this you will need to go to the gym and workout. Leg raises, deadlifts, lunges and squats are the most popular exercises that can provide perfect shape to your butt.

If you want to get a better butt you will need to consider doing with big weights and working out at the gym as it will help you to get a bulky bodybuilder look. But you will need to do hard work if you seeking bigger butt and you will also need to exercise the different parts of your behind. You can also try doing workouts like isometric butt squeeze, wall squats and hula hoop as these workouts are the major key for building the muscles in the body. It also helps you to get a shapelier, firmer and attractive butt that you have desired.

Get Into Shape with the Insanity Workout

Insanity workout is gaining more and more popularity in the fitness world, and for good reason. It is a plan that will help you lose weight, add muscle mass, and improve your overall fitness. Your butt will never have looked better! These are not just false claims, and you actually will see the results, if you manage to follow the program properly.

Created by Shaun T, who also created Focus T25, the Insanity workout aims at helping you get into the best shape of your life, so by the time you complete the program you will look the way you always have desired. All this will happen in just 60 days, and that too without you having to leave your home for any workout.

The program will work for you, only if you follow the diet and exercise plan suggested by them. You must be ready to:

– Give in your best
– Be motivated and committed
– And if you are wondering if this will be easy – the answer is a no.

You need to prepare yourself for the hardest workout of your life. Things can be really difficult but you cannot afford to give up, if you want to see the results. Even though this workout plan demands more efforts out of you, the results too will be far better than any workout can give you in such a short span of time.

The Results

If you manage to follow the program, the end results will surely be rewarding.

As fat starts melting from your body, your muscles will be shaped, even before they start growing bigger. You will sweat like never before – and that is a guarantee. While exercising you will put in so much energy to burn the fat that you will get to understand why the program has been named Insanity. But the results will be worth it.

The program will give you a better muscle definition. As you eat a combination of 20% fats, 40% carbs, and 40% protein, you will gain muscle. But do not worry, since the time frame is quite short, and the main aim is losing weight, you will not gain a huge muscle mass, but your muscle will start getting well defined. With all the fat that you will lose, your body will start looking more sculpted.

Who Can Practice The Insanity Workout?

This workout is not for everyone, so before planning to go for it, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

You must have a healthy heart. It will be best if you have a cardio test done, before making your purchase. The workout can be intense even for those who are healthy.

You must be able to do at least some basic exercises. You must be able to run a mile and perform 10 crunches and pushups.

If you suffer from pain in your joints, then this workout is not right for you.

If it does not fit in your lifestyle easily, then things can get really hard. You might end up quitting the program soon.

You must be dedicated. If you look for excuses all the time, then this plan is not for you. You need to be dedicated, ready to put in all efforts, sweat it hard, and only then will you enjoy the rewards.

Why Use the Focus T25 Fitness Workout Program

Have you been wondering what is Focus T25 by Beach Body? It’s one of their most popular workout programs, along with Brazil Butt Lift, and it will definitely give you a booty blast!

The most amazing thing about the Focus T25 fitness program is that it only takes 25 minutes a day for a period of just ten weeks for you to get a ripped body. It is very effective and fast without wasting much time for incredible results. It is short in length but very intense and includes 11 workouts on 9 DVDs which will help to push your body to a new limit. It is very well known to have great impact on health and fitness.

The workout program formula

This program considers the busy lifestyles of individuals it needs to attract. It is intended to take only 25 minutes although there are other special attributes to the program. This workout approaches the muscle and cardiovascular strengthening forms of exercises. The main benefit of this program when coupled with the selected exercises, it leads to better health gains with no need of burnout to associate with the other workout routines.

The featured exercises of the workout

Focus T25 makes use of the plethora exercises that are aimed to target a particular muscle group or aerobic and cardiovascular target zone. A good example is that free weights are used in promoting the muscle strength and growth. A wide variety of resistance training, traditional weights and calisthenics are normally implemented at the right time. This helps to maximize the given benefits in a quicker as well as an efficient way possible. The main reason for this methodology is that people want to achieve their target weight within a short time possible and it’s great for toning and lifting your butt. Focus T25 is preferred since it has the capability to exactly do that.

Targeted population

This program is targeted to all the individuals who would like to get fit and who struggle with time. Mothers with small children find that the 25 minutes on the daily basis as a simple way compared to other workout regimens. Individuals with hectic work schedules will also find this program effective to them. Most people would like to feel and look good without having huge investments and expenditures of time. To all such people, focus T25 would be very effective to them.

In conclusion, the above are some of reasons as to why one may prefer the focus T25 workout program instead of the other available workouts. You can just try it and surely it will work out fine for you. We also highly recommend checking out the brazilian butt lift workout also by beach body to get that booty you’ve always dreamed of!

Booty Blasting Exercises for a Perfect Bubble Butt

If you have a flat, saggy or floppy butt, don’t worry… there’s something you can do about it. The butt of a woman is made up of 3 gluteus muscles. Because of this, butt workouts have a direct impact on the shape, size, and the position of your butt. When the butt muscles are toned, your booty will be rounder, fuller, firmer, and you will notice a major decrease in sagging thus giving you that nice lift you’ve always wanted for a perfect bubble butt!

The bubble butt workout

perfect butt exercises

Aerobically, climbing stairs, walking hills are great butt exercises. After sweating aerobically, try these 6 butt busting strength exercises as you aim for 3 sets of ten to fifteen repetitions of each. Here are some of the butt lifting exercises. Here are some of the butt lifting exercises.

* Skater plyos – Standing with your feet under hips, take a sideways (lateral) hop to the right on your right foot while coming-down to touch your left hand to the floor surface. Try to complete 3 sets of twenty while alternating the sides. This is great for power, agility, strength and toning up.

* Squats – Squat is one of the best workouts you can do for your hips, thighs, and butt. Start by Standing with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. Gently lower your hips (make sure you do not let your knees go beyond your toes).

* Hip raise – In this work out, start by lying on your back as you extend your left knee with your right-knee bent. Place your arms on the floor surface with palms facing the rooftop. Your palms must be at the shoulder level, along with your hips (about two to three inches off the floor surface). Lift your hips and hold for a few seconds. Return to your initial position. Depending on your strength, do ten to fifteen reps.

* Lunges – Starting with your feet parallel and hip distance apart, take a big step backward or forward. Gradually lower your body as you bend your both knees. Bending your knees should not farther ninety degrees, keeping your front-knee aligned over your front-ankle. Step together and repeat.

* Bridges – Start by Lying your back with feet and knees bent on the floor, hip width apart. Gradually peel your back off the floor surface from the foot, one vertebra at a go, tightening the backs of the thighs (hamstrings) and glutes until you have made a diagonal line from your shoulders towards your knees. Slowly return to the floor, one vertebra at a go.

* Step-ups – Using a weights bench, step one foot on top as you push through the glute. Lower your leg and keep on repeating the same procedure. Add a knee lift or hand weights with the tapping foot for a bigger challenge.

The Butt exercise: Getting Results

Whatever butt exercise you choose, the experts recommend following a few rules for you to get best results:

* Set goals – Having a goal will be of great assistance when it comes to matters commitment to your exercise schedule or program.

* Surround yourself with the right and positive people – Read motivating books, get a trainer, get a coach, get an accountability partner attend a class, or get a trainer. This will help you achieve you fitness goal.

* Stay consistent – Experts say that if you happen to work the glutes 3 days a week, you can see a few changes in three weeks. You should be able to tell that your butt are lifted up or a little tighter.

* Use good form – Exercise slowly to finish each move correctly. This way, you avoid injuring yourself and you end up getting the most out of every exercise set.

* Stretch the opposing muscles – The hip-flexors are at times overworked because of in flexion as a result of spending so much of your time sitting. It is an excellent idea to stretch the hip-flexors so you can easily activate your glutes.

* Fit movement into your daily life – It involves draping your legs together in a turned out position, and pushing through all the heels and arches of the feet while slightly bending the knees.

Last but not least you should keep in mind that successful butt exercises are only a tip of the iceberg. Eating well is important, after all, no one will realize those glute muscles if they are hidden underneath excess-poundage. It is going to take a balanced nutrition i.e. a diet consisting of less protein, less-processed, whole food, and complex carbohydrates, which is also low in saturated fat and sugar, Can help build lean muscle.

Five Killer Butt Workouts That Work Wonders

When it comes to women toning their body parts, the lower body has always been a very hard nut to crack. The lower body here refers to the thighs, the legs and the butt. Out of the three parts, the butt is the hardest part that has defeated many women in terms of making it look tight, firm and high. Every woman wants to have a cute, sexy, attractive, well shaped round butt that can act as a secret weapon for her. Unfortunately, majority of them do not know the types of lower body workouts for women that are needed to achieve the butt of their dreams.

The following is a detailed description of the types of exercises that every woman needs in order to achieve that cute, round shaped and high butt possessed only by models. It’s time you became a model on your own. However, that is only possible if exercises below are put in to practice.

1. Hip-Lift Progression

This exercise is done in order to relieve tension at the lower back and works out the butt at the same time.

Instructions on How to Do It:

· You have to lie on her back with arms at her side while bending the knees and feet on the floor

· Try lifting the hips to the ceiling as you count 1-10 several times. If you feel you can’t do it anymore, then lower the back to the floor

· Repeat the above but this time round squeeze your flutes and hamstrings at the top of the motion range

· Try to keep the hips up and then place the foot back to the floor as you lower the hips.

· Switch to the other leg and then repeat the exercise from the top.

2. Single Leg Front Raises

This is a multi-reward exercise that aims at strengthening the glute while stretching the thighs as well as tightening the butt.


· Hold a pound dumbbell on each hand while standing on your feet separated by the feet hip-width

· Bend the right leg and raise to 4 inches above the floor

· With your palms facing down , stretch your hands at the height of your chest while holding he dumbbell

· While keeping the arms straight, raise the left arm above the head and keep it here for three counts and then return it to the chest height

· Alternate the arm raises till each arm makes 4 reps

· Switch the legs and repeat the procedure in order to tighten the butt.

3. Squat With Kick-back

This is meant to tighten the butt by doing the following:

· Stand with your legs separated by a shoulder-width apart

· With a squat by your back, sit back and bring the fists close to the chin

· While extending your arms forward, bring back the left leg behind you and ensure that it is very straight.

· Go back to the squat position and repeat the above on a different side and continue alternating the sides for a minute or so

While doing the above exercise, ensure that the leg behind you is very straight and don’t twist your hips.

4.Dumbbell Squats

This is a quick work out that is very effective in shaping the butt to be very cute, tight and high as a model.


· Begin with the feet-shoulder width apart with 10 pound dumbbells by the thighs

· Squat to the floor as if you are sitting on a chair while keeping your weight over your heels repetitively

· As you return to the starting position, ensure that your glutes are squeezed

· Do this 15-20 times daily for efficient results.

5.Explosive Lounges

This gives a very overwhelming stretch through the glutes while tightening the butt.


· Stand with your legs together and place your hands on the hips

· Lunge forward with the right leg

· Jump up and exchange legs such that when you land, the left leg should be lounged forward

· Continue alternating the legs for like ten minutes without a rest

· Keep the fists up in front of your chin and push off the floor with both legs. While doing this, keep in mind that the front knee must bend 90 degrees and get aligned with the ankles.

The above five exercises are excellent lower body workouts for women who want to have that sexy, round, tight and very firm. A well shaped butt can make you stand out and be the source of attention in a crowd where no one would recognize you. If you want a good butt, then the above exercises are meant for you, go for them.

How to Get Your Butt in Shape

There are various bikini booty exercises available that can help in bringing back your butts shape. Hectic work schedules and countless hours sitting in a chair can end up giving you a “cubicle butt” that may look extremely weird and flat. Many women end up covering themselves up during summer due to being embarrassed by their butt. However, there are many things that can help a woman easily get a nice bikini booty that she will want to show off! Below are some of these exercises that are very much focused on lifting the butt so that the effects are noticeable for getting a great booty.

bikini body

Peculiarities of the Butt Exercises

Most of the bikini booty exercises are much easier to do and also can be done just by standing. All that you need to do is to make smaller changes in your positions like turning the toes, rotating knee from hip. These moves can help in providing better effects on buttocks from the important directions. This can make your butts really get the shape that you have always dream to have. Here are some of the exercises for your butts that can help you in getting a better shape on the butts. This year you can rock with your bikini by making your butts firm and tight. Here are some of the exercises that can help you in accomplishing that.

Warming Up

First thing that you need to do is to warm up your body. You can start with the aerobic activity that is light and which may range to about 5 minutes. You can do warm up by walking brisk, doing hip rolls etc. Warming up can help your body get prepared for a better exercise. It is always good for you to get your butts get the kind of shape that you always wanted.


You need to hold dumbbells with the grip of overhand and hold them at the length of arm in the front of thighs. You need to stand with feet in such a way that it is apart in the width of your hip and you should bend the knees slightly. Without changing the bend to knees, you need bend hips and lower torso until it becomes parallel towards floors. You need to then pause and return to the standing position. It is important for you to make sure that your back is in arch position when you are doing the exercise. It is important for you to repeat the exercise for 10 times. This is one among the bikini booty exercises that can help in making your butts in shape.

Step Ups

You should have pair of dumbbells in your hand and then place the right foot in a step, bench or box. You need to use the ball of big toe for coming whole way for standing without moving the foot. You can slowly lower until back foot reaches ground. Front foot is always there on stair the whole time of the exercise. The chest can be kept upside and also can engage the core. It should also be done 10 times for getting better benefits.

Single Leg – Jumps

This is the exercise that is effective. You need to come to the right leg, bend knee, shift the hip towards back and then jump to the height possible from ground. You can then land softly by bending the knee. It is important for you to ensure that the knees do not track much far on toes and then focus over pushing the hips back. You should do repetition of this step on both sides 10 times each.

Kettlebell Swing

A dumbbell or kettlebell should be held with both hands and then should stand with the feet apart from each other in the width of hip. Hips should be bend and torso should be lowered is that it can form an angle of 45 degree with floor. It is important to keep the lower back in an arched position. The kettlebell should swing between legs. You need to keep the arms straight and then thrust hips in forward, straightening the knees and swinging it up to chest level. This is one among the bikini booty exercises that should be continued until completing 15 repetitions.